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Renaissance Highly Gifted Academies

  • Renaissance Highly Gifted Academies are designed to provide highly gifted, elementary and middle school students unique educational opportunities. Deer Valley is proud to provide Renaissance at four of our campuses: Canyon Springs (1-8), Highland Lakes (1-8), Las Brisas (3-6), and Hillcrest Middle School (7-8).  Renaissance Academies provide rigorous learning experiences that address the individual needs of gifted students. All Renaissance students acquire a solid foundation in the content areas of mathematics, language and communication arts, social studies, science, and technology literacy. Students work 1-2 years above grade level within core content areas. 

    The Renaissance program is founded on enriched interdisciplinary studies, academic depth and complexity, and critical and creative thinking. It is the goal of Deer Valley's Renaissance Program to provide a comprehensive experience that is responsive to the unique academic, creative, and emotional needs of the precocious gifted child.

    Program Philosphy

    The Renaissance Highly Gifted Programs focus on gifted learners’ needs and interests. Learning opportunities focus on mastery; higher-order and critical thinking skills; community engagement; personal development and responsibility.

    In our self-contained gifted classrooms, we…

    • Accelerate learning 1-2 years above grade level 
    • Provide complex instructional experiences that expand across an individualized continuum of learning
    • Design instruction through assessments and teach the “whole” child
    • Foster flexibility for the learner to pursue individual interests 

    Program Goals

    Academic Goals:

    1. Acquire a solid foundation in the content areas of mathematics, language and communication arts, social studies, and science.
    2. Work at an advanced level within these content areas 1-2 years above grade level.
    3. Produce work within these areas that reflect individuality and creativity at a level that is advanced in relation to other students of the same grade.
    4. Use technology as productivity, creativity, communication, and collaboration tool. (International Society for Technology in Education Standards)

    Cognitive & Affective Goals:

    1. Problem-solve; think creatively, critically, and logically; and make connections between ideas.
    2. Acquire the knowledge and skills of learning and organizing.
    3. Acquire advanced research skills to gather, analyze, and apply information and ideas.
    4. Acquire the knowledge and skills to communicate effectively both within and beyond the classroom.
    5. Acquire the knowledge and skills to make decisions and act as a responsible member of a community. 

    Is Renaissance the BEST Fit for MY Child?

    Students who tend to be the most successful in our Renaissance Academies tend to be:

    • Intense and inquisitive learners
    • Analytical thinkers
    • Creative problem-solvers
    • Highly motivated

    Renaissance Highly Gifted Academies are designed for high-achieving, highly gifted students. As a specialized program that attempts to meet the learning needs of a small and specific group of gifted students, the 成人视频色情片strives to ensure that the most appropriate placements are made based on student need. A commitment form specifying the participation criteria of this program has been developed with the goal of establishing a learning environment that leads to success in this highly advanced and accelerated program.  Students and parents sign the commitment form annually to ensure thoughtful communication and understanding of program expectations.  Commitment form components are listed below.

    Components described below establish the guidelines that determine students' eligibility to participate in Renaissance Highly Gifted Academies. 

    I. Academic Achievement – Renaissance provides a highly specialized, learning environment that is tailored to meet the academic needs of students 1-2 years above grade level.  Students participating in the program should demonstrate appropriate academic progress that is commensurate with student potential and is reflective of teachers’ expectations.

    II. Personal Conduct Renaissance teachers are trained to meet the affective needs of highly gifted learners.  Teachers will employ a variety of strategies to nurture students’ fullest potential.  At the same time, students participating in a Renaissance Program are expected to demonstrate ethical use of technology and maintain respectful behavior with classmates and teachers.

    III. Interpersonal Communication – Communication between home and school is a key component of student success.  Parents and students are encouraged to approach the teacher with concerns and/or questions as they arise.  Each Renaissance teacher will utilize their preferred communication tool to promote a positive learning environment.  

    IV. Attendance – Attendance is a crucial component of student academic success.  Significant absences often lead to gaps in learning and a decrease in student academic success.  Students participating in a Renaissance Program will maintain a reasonable attendance record.   

    V. Work Ethic – Classroom assignments within a Renaissance environment are designed to promote higher levels of critical thinking and academic discourse.  Renaissance students complete a multitude of projects each year they participate in the program.  Assignments are expected to be completed in a timely manner.  Submitted assignments should reflect evidence of student effort in producing quality work.  Students are expected to demonstrate academic integrity in all classes.  All assignments should reflect students’ personal level of knowledge and academic ability.  


  • The Renaissance Highly Gifted &

    STEM Program at Canyon Springs 

    Grades 1 - 8

    Our signature STEM program supports those who have a passion for the areas of  Science, Technology, Engineering & Math.

    *Bright Beginnings Kindergarten Available

    The Renaissance Highly Gifted &

    Music Program at Highland Lakes

    Grades 1 - 8

    Our signature music program supports those who have a passion for developing diverse musical talents.

    *Bright Beginnings Kindergarten Available

    The Renaissance Highly Gifted &

    Global Studies Program at Las Brisas 

    Grades 3 - 6

    Our signature Global Studies program supports those who have a passion for problem-based learning in the world around them.

     *Gifted Pre-K Academy and Bright Beginnings Kindergarten and Grade 1&2 Program

    The Renaissance Highly Gifted &

    Global Studies Program at Hillcrest Middle School

    Grades 7 - 8

    Our signature Global Studies program supports those who have a passion for problem-based learning in the world around them.


  • Renaissance is an application-based programs. Parents who are interested in having their child participate in a Renaissance Highly Gifted Academy must apply for consideration into the program.  Open Enrollment is a separate process that is often need for families to accept a Renaissance placement.  The Open Enrollment process is completed upon acceptance into a Renaissance Program.


    Questions about the online Renaissance Application Process?.... Contact 成人视频色情片Gifted Services at 623-445-5588 or .


    *** Parents must provide their own transportation if they do not live within the individual school's boundary. ***